The Military Order of the Collar Charitable Foundation 
(MOC Foundation) 
 UK registered charity (reg. 1044060) for the relief of poverty and sickness, the advancement of education and religion and the preservation and protection of good health.

The Military Order of the Collar 
Charitable  Foundation  (MOC Foundation)
Registered Charity 1044060

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Historical roots - modern vision 
The M.O.C. Foundation has been established in the UK by members of the Grand Priory of the English Tongue of the Military Order of the Collar of St Agata dei Paterno.  The Order of the Collar of St Agatha is a wholly independent  chivalric body with roots back to the middle ages, but with a very practical and contemporary outlook to honour and serve  needy individuals and communities, regardless of creed, race or nationality.  The headquarters of the Order are in Catania, Sicily, with Grand Priories and Priories located across the world. For specific information on the order please go to the links page.
The MOC Foundation is regulated by the Charity Commission of England and Wales and as such it receives grant appeals from the community at large. For some examples of our work please refer to the Projects page.  We report regularly to the Commission (click here to view the reports) and we are also a member of the NCVO, the voice of the voluntary sector in England, conforming by its guidance on governance and ethical matters.  As a further safeguard the MOC Foundation has  also joined the Fundraising Standards Board, abiding by its compliance regulations (see Help Us pages for further details).  Above all, the oath of service undertaken by members of the Order provides the moral and inner strength that drives them to commit their time and resources to worthy causes.
Effective and professional
Thanks to our tiny overheads and to resources accrued to cover for administrative costs, almost every penny donated to us goes straight into charitable works.  We are also very particular about the way in which we allocate grants, with a focus on outreach, accountability and project's effectiveness.
We mostly raise cash through fund raising events such as dinners, sponsored walks and other activities.  In addition, members of the Order are dutybound to donate a yearly sum too.  All members at local level are also strongly encouraged to organise fund raising events to support the Foundation.
The Trustees of the MOC Foundation are professional individuals from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from the armed forces, finance, marketing, clergy and the arts.   We consider projects strictly on their merits, applying rigorous ethical and business criteria when evaluating new operations.  Our running costs are virtually negligible, consisting mostly of essential bank and auditing chargs
Grants applications
We are happy to consider applications from registered charities or individuals, abroad or in the UK. Applications from registered charities or other non-profit organisation must be supported by written evidence, accounts and referees.   Due to high demand support to individuals is rarely granted and these requests musto come with evidence from either professional organisations or other recognised individuals in the community, such as members of the clergy, medical doctors, lawyers, academics, etc.   All applications accepted for consideration will be thoroughly checked.  For further information or to apply please use the contact details in the Help Us page.

Did you know?
You do not have to be a member of the Order to donate to us. Donating to us may make us a 'one stop shop' for your charitable activities, with total confidence that all the allocated resources will go exclusively to highly vetted and worthy good causes.  

If you would like to help us with our humanitarian work please click on the Help Us button at the top of this page for further information. 

Please note, however, that the MOC Foundation is a grant making organisation, thus we are unable to process enquiries related to volunteer help in the field for any of the projects we sponsor
Remember, when you donate to us, you can  be sure  that your money will go exclusively to a worthy  charitable humanitarian project.  

The MOC Charitable Foundation is a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations
  and of the Fundraising Standards Board.
Sense International
Friends of Belarus
HCPT Pilgrim Trust
Blind Relief Association
Some of the organisations we have support:
Check out our latest project - an ambulance to Ghana here...
Celebrating over two decades of service
In November 2014 we celebrate the XX anniversary of our foundation.  During this time we have supported countless charities around the globe contributing a total of over $500,000.  These funds have gone on projects on poverty alleviation, ambulances, training and more. We couldn't have done this without your help. 
Thank you!