We need your help

Like most charities, every year we are presented with the unenviable task of having to decide how best we can apportion our limited resources.   The vast majority of applications we receive are from worthy causes and it pains us having to reject some, exclusively on financial grounds.  In addition, on-going projects expand and as they grow financial requirements also increase.  

We are proud that with the limited available resources, we have been able to carry out many projects that have had a positive impact in the lives of thousands of human beings throughout the world.  The Peruvian ambulance alone has rescued more than a thousand people a year.  At the same time, hundreds of visually impaired people in Delhi benefit from our support of the B.R.A. in that city and our past contribution to the Orphanage in Husi made it possible for many deprived children to enjoy some of the most basic comforts of life, which many of us all too often take for granted.

We can't do this alone. Your contribution will help us and - more importantly - will make a difference to the lives of people in need.  You don't have to join the Order to help us with any of our projects, but by joining us you will be able to bring back to the 21st century the true spirit of chivalry and nobility.

If you require further information, please use the e-mail us using the link above.  We would be delighted to hear from you.  We regret we are no longer able to accept Paypal donations due to the high charges imposed by this bank, we can however accept online donations through the Charities Aid Foundation.

The Military Order of the Collar 
Charitable  Foundation  (MOC Foundation)
Registered Charity 1044060

FSB Committment
As a member of the Fundraising Standards Board, we abide by its practices and guidance, ensuring that all money raised by us is used honestly and properly.  Click here to read the Fundrasing Promise, which we adhere to.  If you have a complaint about any of our fundraising practices this will be investigated in accordance with the criteria set up by the Fundraising Standards Board.  Should you be dissatisfied with our own procedure, your complaint will be further investigated by the Fundraising Standards Board.  Click here for details of the complaints procedures. 
If you would like to commit yourself to protect and care for "all widows, wards, orphans and all persons afflicted and in tribulation", in the truest spirit of Chivalry, then do not hesitate to contact us (please use the E-mail me link above).  We welcome applications from worthy individuals of both sexes, throughout the world, as long as they are guided by  the highest moral values and christian ethics.