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Global Outreach
Our outreach is global as shown by some of the projects below.  We do not discriminate in terms of gender, nationality or religion. Wherever we identify a need, we operate.  These are our current projects.  For information on our past activities, please click on this link.

       The Blind Relief Association (Delhi), India

The Blind Relief Association was founded in Delhi in 1945 with the principal aim of ensuring that visually impaired people were not marginalised but integrated into the community through education and training. Its pupils now come from all over India and are expertly supervised. The Association has equipment in place to produce audio-cassettes and Braille Books (currently 4000 items in their library) but little available funds to maintain this service. 

The MOC Charitable Foundation has financed since 1997 the yearly operational costs of producing audiocassettes and text-books in English, Hindi and Sanskrit, in Braille, including the purchase of the blank cassettes and the paper.  Every year, thanks to our contribution, several thousand tapes and hundreds of Braille books are produced.  For example, between July 2000 and June 2001, 850 Braille books and over 13,000 cassettes were made.  We have since assisted the B.R.A. (Blind Relief Association) with the purchase of state of the art digital equipment, to replace tapes with CDs.

In 1999, the MOC Foundation provided a much-needed combined goods and personnel vehicle in memory of one of the Trustees who died in 1998. This vehicle increased the effectiveness of the work of this institution by allowing it to transport students and equipment to work places where they can seek further experience, as well as to outside places of study.

In 2002 we purchased a new high speed duplicator for the production of audio cassettes and funded another replacement goods and personnel vehicle.  From 2003 the Trustees decided to extend assistance to this commendable institution by providing funds for a special class for blind children with learning disabilities.  

         Ethiopia Orphanage, Africa

The MOC Foundation has been a major supporters since 2006 of an orphanage in Ethiopia, administered by “The Ethiopia Link".  In 2011 the MOC Trustees donated vital equipment for the efficient running of the house and we have contributed £3500 yearly for the running of this project.

In 2001 Ethiopia Link established a small residential orphanage in the suburbs of Addis Ababa, providing care, protection, food, clothing, shelter, education, religious guidance and medical treatment for 10 boys and girls between the ages of 4 to 20 years. The children have the opportunity of growing up in a structured loving family environment and to complete their education prior to being reintegrated into society.  

The Foundation supports HCPT - The Pilgrimage Trust and in particular its group 21 which includes Sixth Formers, old Vaughanians, a nurse, a priest, and a group leader, with their annual pilgrimage to Lourdes.  The MOC Foundation has funded three disabled children to Lourdes, every year for the last 12 years and continues to do so.
        Other projects

In addition to what we classify as major projects, we assist from time to time a number of other worthy causes. As stated in our terms of reference we seldom fund individuals, however, we have been sponsoring a seminarian in the US at the FSSP seminar for three years.

For information about past projects click here.
In 2006 the Trustees  committed additional resources, agreeing to purchase another goods and personnel vehicle.

The Trustees continue to support B.R.A., sponsoring special classes for disabled children, contributing towards operating costs and IT projects, in addition to the on-going Braille and cassettes sponsorship.

Up to October 2012 the MOC Foundation contributed over £200,000 (or just under £300,000 US dollars) towards projects run by the B.R.A.
Ethioplia Link
The Leprosy Mission
Leprosy is still widespread and the Mission work hard to alleviate it. The MOC supports this Charity annually since 2008.  Most recently we helped to fund screening for diagnosis and treatment of the disease in Sri Lanka.
Aajeevika Project
This project is aimed at improving the care and nutrition of children under 3 years of age and enabling their siblings to remain in school in the remote tribal regions of Udaipur, India. In 2013 the MOC were able to make a substantial contribution towards the staffing and setting up of creches.
         An ambulance to Ghana 

Working once again in collaboration with Rapid International, and following a successful grant appeal from that organisation, we are pleased to have sponsored an all terrain vehicle, fully equipped to serve the needs of people situated in rural areas of Ghana.  We hope to bring you more detailed information on how this vehicle is assisting people in that country as soon as possible.
Hospital de Maternidad La Divina Providencia, Santiago Texacuangos, El Salvador
In 2017 we supported this health centre in the municipality of Santiago Texacuangos, El Salvador having received an urgent appeal for much needed work to improve the floors of the operating theatre and other high dependency rooms.  Our contribution made a visible difference to the environment and to the prevention of infections in a very poor area of that country. The images show one of the operating theatres before (red flooring) and afterwards.