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An overview of our current projects is provided below, so that you can see the great causes that the contributions of our generous donors allow the Foundation to support.

Thank you for your generosity. 

​Your donation makes a real difference.

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Current Projects in Depth: Programs


The Blind Relief Association (BRA), Delhi runs a school for 200 children with visual impairment. Our Foundation supports two projects at the BRA. 

The first focuses on care for children who have associated conditions or disabilities along with visual impairment, requiring special training and individual care. To cater to these needs, the project supports a programme for developing possible academic skills and independent living skills among these children. The 17 children currently benefiting from the project are divided into two groups: a Functional Academic Group, consisting of visually impaired children with mild mental retardation, and a Remedial Teaching Group, consisting of children with difficulty in comprehension and learning, needing individual care to improve their reading and writing skills. 

Our support provides two full-time special educators and one “house parent” who takes care of the unit in the pre and post-school hours. It also provides resources for crafts instruction and teaching materials.

The second project consists of the production of Braille books and audio textbook recordings. It serves the students of the BRA in addition to students of a College of Special Education, vocational training programmes and a large number of individual students from universities and colleges in and outside Delhi. Our project supports the acquisition of the necessary Braille paper and memory sticks. During the past year, 81 book titles were produced in Hindi, English and Japanese, running into 9216 volumes. Recordings included 23 new titles: 19 in Hindi and 4 in English. A total of 1660 GB of data were made available in CDs or Memory Sticks.​​

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For the latest updates from our current projects, please see the dedicated project updates page within the News section of the site

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